Production Company "T"


VHS 856 T & A Sports Productions 90 M NUDITY "Over The Topless Arm Wrestling" Red Hot Topless Arm Wrestlers In One To One World Class Bouts.
VHS 2066 T & T 75 M NUDITY Women's Wrestling Vol. 6: Amateur Style Action. Five Fights Including Another Jolene Vs Jenny Clasic.. Some Inadvertent Topless Action.
VHS 2187 T & T 1 HR NUDITY Women's Wrestling Vol. 1: Amateur Style Action. Several Matches. Some Inadvertent Topless Action.
VHS 2259 T & T 90 M NUDITY Women's Wrestling Vol. 3: Champion Jolene In Upset Match. 15 Fights Including In Oil Match.
VHS 2260 T & T 1 HR NUDITY Women's Wrestling Vol. 4: New Faces In 10 Fierce Matches. Some Distortion Noted, But Worth Watching.
VHS 2261 T & T 1 HR NUDITY Women's Wrestling Vol. 5: Several Good Fights Distinguished By Fierce Intensity Of The Young Contestants, Plus 2 Mixed Match.
VHS 2262 T & T 1 HR - Women's Wrestling Vol. 7: Several Bitter Bouts As Jolene Continues Her Reign As Champ.
VHS 4937 T & T 57 M NUDITY Women's Wrestling Vol. 2: Intro And First 30 Seconds Or So Seconds Of Video Lost. Jolene 5'7" 135 Lbs Vs ?????. Jolene Vs Becky 5'4"120 Lbs. In Oil Match. Becky Vslou 5'4" 125 Lbs. Jolene Vs Becky. Candie 5'4" 120 Lbs. Vs Lou. Barb 6' 155 Lbs Vs Cindy 5'7" 175 Lbs. In Oil Match. Amy 5'2" 105 Lvs. Vs Beckyin Oil. Paula 5' 100 Lbs Vsjolene In Oil. Becky Vs Barb. Becky Vs Jolene In Oil.
DVD D-160 T.K.O. 96 M NUDITY NTHO-04: Several Matches On Mat.
DVD D-161 T.K.O. 89 M NUDITY NTO-02: Takao Nakano's "Catfight Treasury Vol. 3 & 4" Several Matches.
DVD D-162 T.K.O. 92 M NUDITY NTO-01: Zekamika Vs Zoro. And Several More Matches.
DVD D-163 T.K.O. 96 M - NTHO-02: Several Matches On Mats.
VHS 5044 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 43 M NUDITY Tk008: "Nice 'n Nasty, The California Catfights" Christine Dupree Vs Demi In A Tit Squeezing Smacking Catfighting. Tanya Kicks Vs Helen Von Mott In Another Rough Catfight.
VHS 5045 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 27 M NUDITY Tk011: "Twist And Shout" Kristie Etzold Vs Tanya. Two Heavy Weights Wrestling. Tit Torture.
VHS 5357 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 35 M NUDITY Tk018: "You Vant To Fight? Capital Catfight 1" Nadege Vs Kristie Etzold.
VHS 5465 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 39 M - Tk-004: "Cats Claws" Demi The Dragon 5'6" 125 Lbs Vs Tweety 5'0" 103 Lbs In A Catfight.
VHS 5466 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 39 M - Tk-005: "Tangled Web" Demi Vs Nadia 5'7" 130Lbs In Catfight, Both Wear 1 Pc. Mesh Body Stockings.
VHS 5467 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 32 M NUDITY Tk-007: "Silk Stockings" Undefeated Demi Vs Tanya In Wild Brawl.
VHS 5468 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 43 M NUDITY Tk-010: "California Screamin'" Kristie Etzold 5'4" 160 Lbs Vs Demi .
VHS 5469 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 35 M NUDITY Tk-012: "Cats Claws 2" Demi Vs Tweety In A Rematch.
VHS 5470 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 35 M NUDITY Tk-013: "Duel At Dawn" Newcomer Steele Rose 5"6" 140 Lbs Vs Demi In Outdoor Fight On Grass.
VHS 5471 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 40 M NUDITY Tk-014: "International Incident" Demi Vs Zeta. Then Nadege 5"2" 110 Lbs Vs Tweety.
VHS 5472 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 39 M NUDITY Tk-015: "Artistic Differences" Steele Rose Vs Younger Haley Bruiser 5'8" 150 Lbs.
VHS 5473 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 37 M NUDITY Tk-019: "Catting It Out" Demi Vs Nadege In Outdoor Catfight On Grass. Rough And Nasty Tag Match, Kristie Etzold & Steel Rose Vs Madege & Tiger Lilly.
VHS 5510 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 49 M NUDITY Tk-O21: "Best Breasts" Zeta Vs Tiger Lily. Tit Torture. "Trial By Combat" Demi "The Dragon" Vs Tiger Lily. (Very Dark, Barely Viewable).
VHS 5899 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 25 M NUDITY "Feline Fury!" Tanya Vs Lee In A Tit Squeezing Catfight On Mats.
VHS 5900 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 43 M NUDITY Tk-023: "Say I Do Bitch!" Tiger Lily Vs Steele Rose In A Dressing Gown Catfight.
VHS 6696 Tanya Kicks Enterprises 57 M NUDITY Tk-024: "" Chance Encounter"" Street Boxing .... Tiger Lily 150 Lbs. Vs Red Star.
VHS 748 Tape Worm 1 HR NUDITY "Oil Of L.A." Featuring Veronica, Donna Leah, Tiffany, And Nikki King. Wrestling In Oil And Chocolate Syrup.
VHS 6511 Tasha Simone 55 M - Bs-1: Mixed Match. Tough Pro Tasha Simone Vs Pro Male In And Out Of Ring.
DVD D-32 The Ax Files 59 M NUDITY Ax-67: Chanta Rose Vs Madrid On Mats. A One Sided Match.
DVD D-206 The Ax Files - NUDITY Ax-129: Rane Andersson Vs Jasmine Chou.
DVD D-226 The Ax Files   - Ax-68: Amy Lewinski Vs Sage Madrid.
VHS 2715 The Ax Files 69 M NUDITY Ax-04: "The Best Of Friends?" "My Ass In Your Face" Blonde Vs Brunette Ends In Face Sitting.
VHS 2788 The Ax Files 40 M NUDITY Ax-13: "Why Won't You Do It My Way?" Blonde Vs Blonde. Ends In Nude Facesitting.
VHS 3177 The Ax Files 1 HR NUDITY Ax-08: "Conspiracy Of Fools" Two Erotic Fights In Ring.. Brunette Vs Blonde. Then Red Head Vs Black Girl.
VHS 3506 The Ax Files 21 M NUDITY Ax-3:"Did You Fuck Up My Girl?" Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 3507 The Ax Files 45 M NUDITY Ax-5: "Queen Of The Internet" .....Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 3508 The Ax Files 35 M NUDITY Ax-9: "A Lover's Quarrel" ...Blonde Vs Blonde.
VHS 3509 The Ax Files 1 HR+ NUDITY Ax-16: Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 3767 The Ax Files 48 M NUDITY Ax-1: Blonde Vs Brunette Wrestling On Mat . Grudge Match Turns Love Match. Facesitting.
VHS 5218 The Ax Files 50 M NUDITY Ax-39: Brunette Vs Brunette.
VHS 5219 The Ax Files 53 M NUDITY Ax-51: Blonde Vs Masked Brunet In A Hard Fought Nude Mat Wrestling Match.
VHS 5844 The Ax Files 51 M NUDITY Ax-61: Brunette Vs Red Head On Mats.
VHS 6367 The Ax Files 50 M NUDITY Ax-37: Brunette Vs Blonde In A One Side Match. Face Sitting.
VHS 6697 The Ax Files 1 HR+ NUDITY Ax-108: Rane Andersson Vs Jasmine Chou.
VHS 6840 The Ax Files 47M NUDITY AX-91: Amy Lewinski Vs Ariel Bilbao.
VHS 6878 The Ax Files 48 M NUDITY Ax-62: Two Asian In A Good Match On Mats.
DVD D-73 The Private Collection - - 8/98: "Competitive Long Pins" Racquel Vs Zora; Sarah Vs Racquel; Sasha Vs Sarah; Zora Vs Sasha.
DVD D-207 The Private Collection - NUDITY 5/91: "Fantasy Erotic Wrestling" Brunette Vs Brunette.
DVD D-218 The Private Collection - NUDITY 14/07: "Best Of Female Pins, Series 91 To 93 Vol. 1" The Pins From several Matches. Facesitting.
DVD D-230 The Private Collection   NUDITY Scs 5: Danielle Peters Vs Stacey Lane. Racquel Vs Roxy. Lori Dean Vs Louise Marks.
DVD D-267 The Private Collection - NUDITY 11/04: "Alexis In Europe" Four Matches With Alexis Vs Laura Lee, Luve, Biata, And Laura Lee Again.
VHS 1870 The Private Collection 45 M NUDITY 9/93: Susan Strong 5'9" 132 Lbs Vs Luna Winter 5' 10" 132 Lbs.; Susan Strong Vs Stacey Lane 5'4" 120 Lbs.
VHS 1871 The Private Collection 90 M NUDITY 13/93: Kelly Blair 5'7" 130 Lbs. Vs Stacey Lane 5'4" 120 Lbs. ; Sonia Vanderbeck 5'7" 120 Vs Luna Winter 5'10" 130 Becky Shaw 5'8" 135 Vs Ann Carr 5'7" 135 . ; Stacey Lane Vs Sian Dee .
VHS 1872 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 11/93: Charley Lee 5'8" 126 Lbs. V Sam Jones 5'4" 120 Lbs. ; Anne Marie 5'9' 130 Lbs. V Sonja Vanderbeck 5'7" 120 Lbs.; Angela Scott 5'6" 125 Lbs. V Charley Lee ; Anne Marie V Angela.
VHS 1873 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 8/93: Kelly Blair Vs Debbie Morgan; Lori Dean Vs Sonja Van Der Beck. Two Face Sitting Matches.
VHS 1874 The Private Collection 90 M NUDITY 14/93: Lena Davey 5'6" 145 Lbs. Vs Ayeshia 5'5" 150 Lbs.; Luna Winters 5'10" 130 Lbs. Vs Annemarie 5'8" 130 Lbs.
VHS 1966 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 4/93: Three Wrestling Matches. Stacey Lane Vs Kelly Blair. Kelly Blair Vs Angela Scott. Kelly Blair Vs Luna Winter.
VHS 1967 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 5/92: Susan Strong Vs Allison Whyte. Tina Bjornson Vs Anna Michaels.
VHS 2067 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 1/94: Kelly Blair 5'7" 130 Vs Stacy Lane 5'4" 120. Susan Strong 5'9" 130 Vs Anna Michaels 5'6" 130. Stacy Vs Susan. Anna Vs Kelly.
VHS 2068 The Private Collection 90 M NUDITY 3/94: Louse Marks Vs Sonja Vanderbeck In School Girl Type Fight. Sonja Vs Stacey Lane. Angela Scott Vs Kelly Blair.
VHS 2069 The Private Collection 90 M NUDITY 18/93: Sonja Vs Stacey. Chrissie Vs Angela. Stacey Vs Jamie. Angela Vs Chrissie.
VHS 2264 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 4/92: Two Catfights. Susan Vs Allison; Then Luna Vs Angela.
VHS 2275 The Private Collection 90 M NUDITY 6/94: Mixed Matches. Featuring Christine Marshall, Lena Davey, Susan Strong, Kelly Blair, Elizabeth Mertens And Five Males.
VHS 2425 The Private Collection 90 M NUDITY Scs-1: Lisa Marie Vs Anne Marie; Stacey Lane Vs Luna Winter; Luna Winter Vs Kelly Blair. No Fighting, Set Holds And Pins.
VHS 2426 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 1/95: "Long Pins Wrestling Usa" Roxy Vs Racquel; Kayla Vs Candi; Jill Vs Rose. Same As 2362
VHS 2427 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 7/92: Luna Vs Angela; Lori Vs Gisella; Angela Vs Lori; Gisella Vs Luna; Luna Vs Kelly.Same As 2757.
VHS 2428 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 7/95: Susan Strong Vs Allisison Whyte; Jill Monroe Vs Rose; Luna Winter Vs Stacey Lane.
VHS 2429 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 8/95: Seven Good Lookers In Four Good Facesitting Matches.
VHS 2430 The Private Collection 2 HRS NUDITY 12/92: Susan Strong Vs Kelly Blair; Sonia Day Vs Angela Scott; Susan Strong Vs Allison Whyte.
VHS 2431 The Private Collection 45 M NUDITY 12/95: Chanel Vs Sam; Caz Vs Sam; Rose Vs Rachel.
VHS 2500 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 20/93: Susan Strong 5'9" 132 Lbs Vs Penny Smart 5'7" 135 Lbs. Then It's Lisa Marie 5'10" 140Lbs. Vs Michele Grey 5'2" 120 Lbs.
VHS 2562 The Private Collection 90 M NUDITY Scs-2: Susan Strong Vs Stacey Lane, And Then Kara Fox.
VHS 2563 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY Scs-9: Dominique / Rachel Vs Candi And Rose / Cindy Vs Raquel In Bed Room Black Vs White Matches. Body Builder Posing.
VHS 2644 The Private Collection 45 M NUDITY Scs-8: Two Sandy Haired Girls Go At It.; Red Head Vs Blonde.
VHS 2645 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY Tpc-12: "The Collector's Series" Featuring Stacey Lane, Kelly Blair, Luna Winter In Scissors/Pins And Pony Rides.
VHS 2646 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 1/96: Devon Sanchez Vs Liz Keane; Lisa Marie Vs Candi Moore; Sandy King Vs Marie Gordon.
VHS 2716 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 4/96: "International Topless Wrestling" Devin Sanchez Vs Rose Devlin. Carmen Philips Vs Sarah Yasmin.
VHS 2717 The Private Collection 45 M NUDITY 6/96: "Gold Series Challenge Semi-Pro Style Topless Wrestling" Terry Vixen Vs Caz.
VHS 2718 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 9/96: "Topless Competitive Wrestling Gold Challenge Series" Terri Vixen Vs Luna Winter.
VHS 3067 The Private Collection 55 M NUDITY 7/97: "Topless Competitive Wrestling" Jill Monroe Vs Rose Devlin, Terri Vixen Vs Sherry Dee.
VHS 3068 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 8/94: "Catfights Usa" Jill Munroe Vs Sherry Dee; Sherry Dee Vs Megan Knight; Jill Munroe Vs Sasha Lee; Stacey Lane Vs Merrill Kaye.
VHS 3069 The Private Collection 1 HR - 13/96: "Competitive International Mixed Wrestling" Christine Marshall Vs Dave; Amanda Long Vs Mark; Susan Strong Vs Paul; Sasha Lee Vs Steve.
VHS 3326 The Private Collection 50 M NUDITY Scs-11/98: "Special Collectors Series" Anne Marie Vs Veronika; Shannon Vs Rachel.
VHS 3327 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 11/97: "Domination Style Wrestling" Sasha Lee Vs Racquel Youngs; Any Carr Vs Lizabeth Keane; Rachel Weietz Vs Beth Lester.
VHS 3510 The Private Collection 70 M NUDITY 5/95: Lena Davey Vs Ayeshia; Mary Roming Vs Klaudia.
VHS 3511 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 6/97: "Anglo / American Topless Competitive Challenge Part 1" Terri Vixen Vs Sasha Lee; Naomi Starr Vs Zora Mills. Also Released As Women' World Slv-96.
VHS 3512 The Private Collection 52 M NUDITY 10/96: Yasmin Sarah Vs Francesca Marino.
VHS 3768 The Private Collection 75 M NUDITY 3/96: Janet St John Vs Danielle Murray. Lori Dean Vs Stacey Lane. Luna Winter Vs Sonja Vanderbeck.
VHS 3769 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 4/93: Stacey Lane Vs Kelly Blair. Susan Strong Vs Kelly Blair.
VHS 3770 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 15/93: Several Matches Featuring Lori Dean Vs Sonja Day; Summer Vs Charley Lee; Lori Dean Vs Angela Scott; Sonja Vandebeck Vs Sam Jones.
VHS 3771 The Private Collection 1 HR+ - Vcs-9: International Club Tournament 7/96. In Ring, Bikini, Swim Suits. Real Action. Submissions & Pins.
VHS 3966 The Private Collection 70 M NUDITY Tpc-5/97: "Topless Wrestling From The Usa" Devon Sanchez Vs Sarah Jones; Sherry Dee Vs Vanessa South; Magalie Loire Vs Brenda South.
VHS 4239 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 1/98: "Lightweight International Topless Wrestling" Devon Sanchez Vs Katie Brooks. Naomi Starr Vs Elizabeth Keane.
VHS 4240 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 3/98: "International Topless Wrestling" Lena Vs Renata; Lisa Marie Vs Luna Winter.
VHS 4241 The Private Collection 1 HR+ - Scs-13/98: Mixed Matches. Gonzo Vs Renata. Terri & Naomi Vs John.
VHS 4369 The Private Collection 53 M NUDITY 16/98: Sasha & Zora Vs Terri & Naomi. Joy Vs Fran & Sarah.
VHS 4536 The Private Collection 50 M NUDITY Scs-5: Susan Strong Vs Kelly Blair. Sonja Vanderbeck Vs Stacey Lane. Face Sitting.
VHS 4537 The Private Collection 50 M NUDITY 9/97: "Catfights" Deven Sanchez Vs Rose Devlin. Lori Dean Vs Charley Lee. Face Sitting.
VHS 4701 The Private Collection 1 HR - Vcs-22: "English Newcomers Event" Featuring Tracy, Catherine, Emma, Beth, Clare And Vanessa.
VHS 4938 The Private Collection 75 M NUDITY 7/94: Angela Scott Vs Liz Free. Karen Noakes Vs Debbie Morgan. Sonja Vanderbeck Vs Marie Ann. Summer Vs Angela Scott. Stacey Lane Vs Charley Lee. Facesitting.
VHS 5220 The Private Collection 48 M NUDITY 4/02: "Full Competitive Wrestling" Monica Vs Vanessa. Laura Vs Luna.
VHS 5221 The Private Collection 57 M NUDITY 5/94: "International Glamour Boxing" Boxing In Ring. Mary Vs Klaudia; Penny Vs Amanda; Romana Vs Anna; Stacey Vs Angela; Sonja Vs Stacey.
VHS 5222 The Private Collection 45 M NUDITY 7/96: Boxing Featuring Elizabeth, Beth, Devon And Shannon.
VHS 5223 The Private Collection 55 M NUDITY 13/01: Racquel Vs Stacey, Then Toni Vs Bridget And Lastly Jessica Vs Brenda.
VHS 5224 The Private Collection 43 M NUDITY 18/00: "International Glamour Boxing" Apartment Boxing. Joanna Vs Rose; Laura Lee Vs Lucy; Rose Devlin Vs Toni.
VHS 5307 The Private Collection 57 M NUDITY Vcs 7: Janet & Yasmin Vs Luna & Sandy. Lena , Penny & Monica Vs Ayeshia, Marcia & Susan. Anna Michaels Vs Sarah Lee. In Gym Ring.
VHS 5358 The Private Collection 40 M NUDITY 7/02: "Total Competitive Wrestling"Anka Vs Avlexis. Avlex Vs Avlexis. On Mats And Competitive.
VHS 5808 The Private Collection 56 M NUDITY 18/02:�"Semi-pro Topless Wrestling" Nicki Knight Vs Debbie. Laura Lee Vs Nicki Knight.
VHS 5901 The Private Collection 48 M NUDITY 6/03: Isis 5"5" 140 Lbs Vs Alesis 5"6" 110 Lbs.
VHS 5902 The Private Collection 44 M NUDITY 8/03: Sammy Jo Vs Karla. Stacey Vs Alexis.
VHS 6032 The Private Collection 40 M NUDITY 4: Brunette Vs Brunette In A One Sided Match.
VHS 6115 The Private Collection 80 M NUDITY 903: "International Bikini Battles" Laura Lee Vs Nicki Knight. Jill Monroe Vs Tori. Plus Some Oil Matches,
VHS 6151 The Private Collection 41 M NUDITY 104: "Classic Pins Challenge" Isis Vs Randi Face Sitting. "Real Novice Catfight" Connie Vs Kim.
VHS 6152 The Private Collection 45 M NUDITY 204: "Catfight / Wrestlig Challenge" Tonya Vs Sherry. Sherry Vs Kaye.
VHS 6153 The Private Collection 44 M NUDITY 304: "First Time Novice Competitive Challenge" Caroline Vs Kim. Nikki Vs Kim.
VHS 6228 The Private Collection 39 M NUDITY 2/03: Mixed Competitive Matches: Lee Ann Vs Mark; Stacey Vs Steve.
VHS 6229 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 11/99: Laura Vs Lucy; Laura Vs Bianca.
VHS 6230 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 22/00: Mixed Matches: Laura Vs Brad. Hayley Vs John; Rose Vs Dave.
VHS 6335 The Private Collection 2 HRS NUDITY 9/04: "The Very Best Of Terri Vixen" Terri Vixen Vs Lena Evans, Carmen, Nicky And Sherry.
VHS 6442 The Private Collection 70 M NUDITY 9/95: Luna Vs Marie. Janet Vs Sarah (Yasmin), Lena Vs Marie-Laure.
VHS 6443 The Private Collection 157 M - VCS-5: "International Club Event 1995" Blonde Vs Brunette; Brunette Vs Blonde; Blonde Vs Blonde; Blonde Vs Brunette; Brunette Vs Brunette; Blonde Vs Brunette; Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 6545 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 18- 5/95: "Long Pins Wrestling" Sam Vs Chanel; Caz Vs Chanel; Sam Vs Caz.
VHS 6581 The Private Collection 1 HR NUDITY 3/99: "Competitive Topless Apartment Wrestling" Yvette Vs Chelsea; Laura Vs Joanne.
VHS 6582 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 4/97: "Competitive Long Pins" Terry Vixen Vs Katie Brooks; Sarah Jones Vs Racquel Youngs; Katie Vs Sarah; Terry Vs Racquel.
VHS 6583 The Private Collection 68 M NUDITY 11/96: "Topless International Competitive Long Pins" Elizabeth Keane Vs Rose Devlin; Sonia Day Vs Angela Scott; Lori Dean Vs Anne Neal.
VHS 6584 The Private Collection 52 M - 17/98: "Ring Wrestling" Sweet Saraya Vs Britannia; Chelsea Vs Lisa.
VHS 6649 The Private Collection 50 M NUDITY Tpc-13/98: "Catfights" Jeanne Hunter Vs Rose Devin. Jill Monroe Vs Magalie. Casey Vs Tara.
VHS 6852 The Private Collection 1 HR+ NUDITY 16/02: "Wild Catfights" Monnigan Vs Nicki. Katrina Vs Pam. Jill Vs Suzanne.
DVD D-223 Theatre Pictures   NUDITY "Hotel Paradise" B Movie With Some Fight Scenes.
VHS 2131 Tiger Eye Video 30 M NUDITY "Room Mates": Blonde Danni Ashe Vs Brunette Diva In An Apartment Wrestling Match.
VHS 3967 Tiger Eye Video 30 M NUDITY "Pretty Tuff": Sara Vs Taylor.
VHS 3968 Tiger Eye Video 32 M NUDITY "Rent": Sana Fey Vs Coral Sands.
VHS 1660 Tigra Enterprises 30 M - "La Tigra" Mixed Match. Powerful Tigra Dominates Chuck.
VHS 3179 Tigra Enterprises   - Mixed Match. Tigra Vs The Car Dealer.
VHS 3180 Tigra Enterprises 43 M - "Latin Fury": Mixed Match. Mayra Conde, 150 Lbs. , 5'4" Vs Tony.
VHS 4242 Tigra Enterprises 35 M - T14: "Tigra Returns" Mixed Match. Tigra Vs Bob.
VHS 4243 Tigra Enterprises 25 M - T15: "Tko:Tigra Knocks 'em Out!" Mixed Boxing. Mayra Vs Bob. Tigra Vs Bob.
VHS 4370 Tigra Enterprises 30 M - "The Tigra Sampler" Short Previews.
VHS 4371 Tigra Enterprises 105M - Rp-11: "Tournament Of Champions" Featuring: Destiny 5'8" 155 Lbs , Ziggy 5'4" 140 Lbs. , Julie 5' 130 Lbs. , Danielle 5'3" 123 Lbs. ,Beatrice Goffin 5'5" 130 Lbs. ,Kasey 5'4" 130 Lbs. ,Restless Rickie 5'4" 145 Lbs. .
VHS 5474 Tigra Enterprises 90 M - Rp-27: "Grappling Glamazons 2002" Helen Van Mott Vs Ziggy. River Vs Christine Dupree. Gabbrielle Vs Kristy Etzold. Mixed Match, Leonard Vs Ziggy. Yanna Jordan Vs Christine Dupree . Dupree Vs Ziggy. Van Mott Vs Afrika . In Very Competitive Ring Matches.
VHS 5845 Tigra Enterprises 59 M - T-04 "A Woman's Place Is On The Mat Part1" Mixed Match Body Bulder Thea Bennington Vs Male In Ring.
VHS 5903 Tigra Enterprises 52 M - To-11: "Hot Summer Fights" Body Builders Battle In Ring.
VHS 6272 Tigra Enterprises 32 M NUDITY Gv-06: Kristy Vs Christine In And Strong And Hurting Match.
VHS 6546 Tigra Enterprises 1 HR - Rp-26: "Reign Of Spain" Brooke 5'8" 140 Lbs Vs Sheila 5'5" 154 Lbs. Then Leia 5'7" 143 Lbs Vs Sheila.
VHS 6547 Tigra Enterprises 40 M - Rp-6: "Rhode Island Tag Team Part 1" Two Brunettes Vs A Blonde And Brunette In Tag Match. Blonde Vs Brunette. Competitive Matches On Mats.
VHS 6915 Tigra Enterprises 30 M - T-18" Tigra Vs Sally Mcneil Boxing.
VHS 3513 Tim Anthony 3H+ - "21 St. Century Females" Body Builders Posing And Working Out . No Fighting.
VHS 3772 Tim Anthony 2 HRS - "Muscle Bunny Showdown !" Mixed Matches. Two Brunettes (One Black The Other White) Vs Two Males At Same Time. Then Two On One. Plus Body Builders Working Out And Posing.
VHS 5046 Tjm Production 1 HR - "Mincs' Fantasy Fighting Girlz" ; Lover's Brawl 4" Mixed Match. Cheri Pie Vs Goerge. Wrestling And Boxing. Plus Another Mixed Boxing Match As Two Girls Take Turns Boxing Male.
VHS 5139 Tjm Production 40 M - "Mincs' Fantasy Fighting Girlz" 'school Girlz Brawl' Casey Vs Erika.
VHS 2132 Tnt Titalators 1 HR NUDITY "Giant Mutant Tits"......Can't See How They Can Walk, Let Alone Wrestle.
VHS 3328 Tough Enough 40 M - Boxing. Cynthia Scully Vs Chris Kruze.
VHS 3329 Tough Enough 40 M - 2: Boxing. Two Matches, One In Practice Ring And One In Pro Ring. Blonde Vs Brunette.
VHS 3418 Trampled Video 56 M - "Real Roommate Trample" Featuring Randi, Chandler, Candy Apples. Brunette And Red Head Walk All Over Blonde On Bed. No Fighting.
VHS 3773 Trampled Video 40 M NUDITY "Roommate Smother" Starring Randi, Chandler And Candy Apples. Female Domination.
VHS 3774 Trampled Video 56 M NUDITY "Prenuptial Terror #2" Starring Holly Wood, Eve And Chris Tool. Mixed Match With Male Domination.
VHS 3775 Trampled Video 57 M - "Trampled All Day" Starring Taylor, Jewels And Wally. Male Domination.
VHS 3776 Trampled Video 57 M NUDITY "Prenuptial Terror " Starring Holly Wood, Eve, And Damion. Mixed Match With Male Domination.
VHS 4116 Trampled Video 43 M - "Roommate Trouble #2" Britany Beats On Kaitlynn. Facesitting, Walking On & Breast Smothers
VHS 4244 Trampled Video 53 M - "Trample Test-Drive" Mixed Domination. Two Blondes Walk On Sit On And Ride On And Face Sit A Male.
VHS 45 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY Vf- 100 Catfight Spectacular From 16Mm W/Sound, 5 Matches, Pam Vs. Lisa, Connie Vs. Renee, Pam Vs. Connie, Lisa Vs. Renee, Connie Vs. Lisa.
VHS 63 Triumph Studios 59 M - Vc- 14, 6 Pro-Bouts; La Verne Vs. Dawn; Combs Vs. Roberts; Mc Intyre Vs. Kai; Lynn Vs. Combs; Grable Vs. Fontaine; Kai Vs. Mitchell.
VHS 64 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vc- 15, `13 Professional Japanese Matches.
VHS 65 Triumph Studios 57 M - Vc- 16, 4 Japanese Pro Matches; Hagawara Vs. Ripper Tag Match, Hori & Ohmori Vs. Masami & Tarantula; Asuka Vs. Kauro; Kinturi Vs. Marina.
VHS 66 Triumph Studios 50 M NUDITY Rgv 7 European Mud Wrestling, Three Matches.`
VHS 67 Triumph Studios 55 M - Rgv 10- Scottish Boxing Tournament, Six Matches.
VHS 68 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vf- 101 From Filmed Catfights- Paige Vs. Pam;Casey Vs. Kelli;Donna Vs. Paige;Kelli Vs. Donna;Pam Vs. Casey
VHS 69 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vf- 102 From Filmed Catfights -Golden Cat Vs. Adrena;Paige Vs. Shelly Renee;Tag Team Adrena &Cat V.Shelly &Paige,Paige V.Cat,Adrena V. Paige & Shelly.
VHS 97 Triumph Studios 55 M NUDITY Rgv 11; From England;Bikini Boxing & Wrestling Lori Vs. Julie Boxing, Chinky Vs. Wilma Wrestling
VHS 98 Triumph Studios 56 M - Rgv 6 Glamour Girl Wrestling Pro Style, Six English Pro Wrestlers, Suzie Vs.Charlie;Nicky Vs. Lena; Lori Vs.Thea.
VHS 99 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Rgv 14, English Pro Wrestling; M. Donald Vs. E. Kiss; Andrews Vs. Mcdonald; Best Vs. Kiss.
VHS 100 Triumph Studios 53 M - Vc- 17, International Extravaganza Japanese And American Pro-Wrestling.
VHS 142 Triumph Studios 57 M - Vc- 18 American Pro Girl Wrestlers, J. Grable Vs. Ferreira; E. Dawn Vs. M. Laverne, Plus Other 6 Bouts In All.
VHS 143 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv- 1 From London Battling Beauty Queens - 7 Girls In No Rules, Anything Goes Battle Royal.
VHS 144 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv- 2 Topless Tussle & Battle Royal. Part 1 Chinky Vs. Penquin In Topless Match Ends/K.O.,Part 2 6 Girl, Pro-Match W/Best,Blair,Monroe,Mcmanus, Plus.
VHS 145 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-3 Black Panthers Vs. Tigers & Boyfriend Trouble, Part 1 Tag Team Apartment Match; Part 2, Classic White-Black Struggle In Negligee.
VHS 146 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Tvc-3 From Japan- Oriental Nightclub Wrestling- Oil,Mud,Soap Suds And Gel Many Matches.
VHS 158 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-4 "Tag Team" A. Mcmanus & T. Starr Vs G. Best & R. Blair
VHS 190 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Rgv-17 "Submit Or Suffer!": Julie Vs Laurie ; Penquin Vs Alison
VHS 191 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY Vf-103 "Fighting Porno Stars" From Silent 16Mm Kyra V Serena; Barbara Wilder V Bobbi Hall; Annie V Lizetta; Candy Barbour V Rosemary Lorenz; Plus.
VHS 192 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Rgv-3 "Girls Wrestling Tournament" Part 1, Trina V Carolyn; Debbie V Thea; Julie V Kay All Taped In Ring At Edinburgh Ladies Wrestling Club.
VHS 193 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY Rgv-4 "The Fireworks Continue" Part 2 Final 3 Matches Of Edinburgh Tournament, Alison V Penquin; Lorraine V Suzie; Lorraine V Sheila
VHS 194 Triumph Studios 30 M - Tvc-2 "Beach Brawling Beauties": Two Japanese Pro Wrestlers On Beach;Jaguar Yokota Vs Peggy Lee; Lola Gonzalez Vs Jaguar Yokota
VHS 196 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vc-10 "American Pro All Girl Wrestling" : Partlow Vs Malloy; St. John & Martin Vs Richter & Little Heart; Laverne Vs Hoffman; Grable Vs. Ferreira; Plus.
VHS 199 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Rgv-5 "Boxing Females" Thea Vs Susie; Lorraine Vs Caroline; Charlie Vs Penquin
VHS 200 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-7 "Soho Savagery" Kitty Vs Dee Dee; Wicked Wanda Vs Susan.
VHS 233 Triumph Studios 90 M NUDITY Trv-9,Trv-10,Trv-11: Samantha Vs. Denise Wrestling Kathy Vs.Julie Boxing, Ms.Doring Vs.Sue Catkins Boxing ; Debbie (40D) Vs. Sarah Wrestling.
VHS 234 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-.12 Blond Jilly Vs. Brunette Emmie; All Body Parts Are Seized And Squeezed.
VHS 235 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vc- 6 Japanese And American Pros; Sato,Steiger, Blair, Kumi, Hagiawara, Lani Kai, Plus.
VHS 236 Triumph Studios 57 M - Vc- 8 "Kick Boxing Spectacular" Two Great Bouts: A 13 Girl Battle Royal And A World Championship Match Plus 6 Girl Tag Team Match Includes Sabrina.
VHS 237 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv- 8 "Divide And Conquer" Sue Vs Gemma; Dot Vs Helen; Tina Vs Carol Brutal Female Fighting
VHS 238 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 5 "Penthouse Brawls" Golden Cat Vs Shelly [Renee Berg]; Paige Russell Vs Donna
VHS 239 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv- 6 "Cocktail Catfight" Suzanne Vs Angela Vanda Vs Mo
VHS 298 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-15: Jill Vs.(Cover Girl) Karen; Dot Vs. Mo; Vanda Vs. Helen.
VHS 299 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-16: London Brawlers Englands Punk Rock Females-- Blue Lady Vs. Dragon Lady; And Princess Paulette Vs. Painted Lady.
VHS 300 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-17: Two Matches, The First Is A Catfight Between Two Unnamed Roommates. The Second Is Between Karen And Julie.
VHS 301 Triumph Studios 30 M - Vc-3: Three Bouts From The Orient, One Featuring American Pro Britt Van Buskirk.
VHS 302 Triumph Studios 30 M - Vc-4: Handicap Wrestling, From Japan. Three Against One, Etc.
VHS 303 Triumph Studios 30 M - Vc-7 : Pros From Japan, Brutal Tag Match - Extremely Violent!!!
VHS 304 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY Trv- 14: Wrestling, Chistina Vs. Sarah.
VHS 313 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vc- 2 Japanese And American Pros
VHS 337 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-19: "High Shcool Hellcats", Catfight- Jill Vs. Suzanne; "Lights Out" Anne Vs. Tina To Bloody K.O.
VHS 338 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-23: "Tough New Breed" To Pro-Style Matches Ms. Glitter Vs. Blue Lady & Wicked Wanda Vs. Dee Dee.
VHS 339 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-24: "Hassling Hookers" Veronica Vs. Carol; "Take This Job And Shove It!" Cathy Vs. Sue Both Catfights.
VHS 345 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-18 Teacher Knows Best & The Mistress Must Go: Blond Karen Vs. Donna, Cathy Vs. Angela--Two Catfights.
VHS 379 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-21 "The Doctors Wife & The Flame And The Fury": Blond Goldie Vs. Nurse, Redhead Kerin Elkins Vs Holly White.
VHS 449 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-22 "Menu Please & Picture Perfect" : Red Headed Tantala Vs. Blond Sylvia Wright; Holly White Vs. Lea Anderson.
VHS 450 Triumph Studios 30 M - Tvc-7 "Double Threat":2 Thai Girls Vs.2 Japanese In Savage Kick-Boxing Bout. American Pros. West & Green Vs. Two Mean Japanese Girls.
VHS 451 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY Vc-20 "Foxy Female Boxers": From England, American Team Take On Englands Best. Vickie Scott Vs. A Calif. Blond, Topless Zean Whitehead Vs. Terrible Terry,+.
VHS 496 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-32:"The Picnic & The Boyfriend And The Blonde"- First An Out Door Cat Fight,Then Moving In Doors It's Sharon Vs. Dena.
VHS 497 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Tvc-8:"Golden Oldies" Many Old Pro Matches.
VHS 507 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-25 "Blow Out & Wrong Roommate" : Blond Lea Anderson 5'7" Vs. Brunet Malinda Powell 5'8";Tantala Vs. Natalie Stewart.
VHS 508 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-26 "No Sweat & Avon Calling": Lynn Ann Wilson Vs. Paddy Rumley; Tiffany Rossie Vs. Melissa Christian.
VHS 509 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-27 "No Surrender & Wrestling Strippers" Holly White Vs. Lynn Ann Wilson.
VHS 510 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-28: Three Catfights- Sylvia Vs. Lea; Athena Vs. Elizabeth; Tantala Vs. Melanie.
VHS 511 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-30:Sharon Vs. Natalie In A Seesaw Of A Battle. It's Maid Against Mistress In Wild Cat Fight.
VHS 512 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-34:Tantala Vs. Blonde. Followed By An Apartment House Match.
VHS 513 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-35:Tantala Vs. Melanie.Two Blondes In A Poolside Catfight.
VHS 520 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-36: Catfights From Scotland- Suzie Vs. Kim. Penquin Vs.Laurie As Temper Flare Unorthodox Punish- Ment Comes Into Play.
VHS 524 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-33: Blonde Billie Vs.Oriental Nobi In A Poolside Catfight. Lynn Vs. Holly.
VHS 641 Triumph Studios 22 M NUDITY Trv-11 "Glamour Wrestling": Sv-Elte Debbie And Diminutive Sarah Quickly Strip Each Other; Sarah Wilts Under Debbie's Relentless Breast Mauling.
VHS 642 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-29 "Sister Sizzle & No Overtime": Two Good Catfights.
VHS 643 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-31 " Kick Boxing Mayhem ": Two Slamming Matches From Thailand.
VHS 645 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-39 "Angry Amazons In Action" : Peunquin Vs. Chinky. Then It's An Athletic Blonde Vs. A Brunet With One Of The Biggest Sets In Wrestling Today.
VHS 646 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-41 " Frantic Photo Session ": Sylvia Wright Vs. Jody Christine; Patty Vs. Chris Wirth.
VHS 648 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 43 The Spitfires : Patty Sanchez Vs. Monica. Next It's Tantala Vs. Sylvia.
VHS 649 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-45 The Tryout & A Pressing Problem: Laurie Vs. Natalie In A Clothes Ripping Catfight. Next Catfight Is Between Pady And British Beauty Melanie.
VHS 650 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-46 Pay The Rent & Bikini Wrestlers: Lucy Vs Nicky In A Good Breast Squeezing Catfight. Then It's Laurie Vs Vicky.
VHS 651 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-47 Monica's Savage Conquest & The Interview: Monica Vs Debra, Jody Vs Natalie.
VHS 652 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-48 Show Down & Hard And Mean: Cheri Vs Gina, Lana Vs Bernice.
VHS 653 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-49 Slammed And Beaten & Crushed And Conquered: Rhapsody Vs Lisa, Cheri Vs Bambi.
VHS 654 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-50 Leopard Assault & Surrender Now: Sharon Vs Selina, Tisha Vs Lana.
VHS 655 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-51 Bitch Battle & The Loser: Quisha Vs Bianca, Tanatala Vs Troy.
VHS 656 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 52 English Victory & Kicking Hellcats: Sharon Vs Tiffany, Tisha Vs Bernice.
VHS 749 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 58: Rough And Rowdy & Ruthless Rivals Tracy Vs Renee Then It's Tiffany Vs Troy.
VHS 750 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 59 : Las Vegas Challenge & Triumph Of The Lady In Red. Goldie Locks Vs Pow Pow; Next It's Cat Vs Wicked Wanda.
VHS 751 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 60 : Sock It To Her & Flaming Victory- Angel Vs Biker Babe; Then It's Flame Vs Cat.
VHS 752 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 61 : Amazon Fury & Tough Twosome- Thrasher Samantha Then It's Rapsody Vs T.J.
VHS 841 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 57: " The Savage Sisters & Kiss Of Death " Would You Believe Thunder Vs Lighting. Next It's Shelly Berg Vs Casey.
VHS 842 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 64 " The Savage And The Flame & Fighting Felines "
VHS 903 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 56: Philippine Boxing, Shot By Amateur, Dynamic Action. Petite, Savage, Young Bodies In "For Real" Boxing. 3 Violent Matches.
VHS 905 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 69:Austrian Encounter, U.S. Vs. Europe W/ Treasure Vs. Hilda In Athletic & Flexible Match. "Wild & Wicked Duo", Troy Vs. Wanda.Competitive & Energetic Fight.
VHS 906 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 73:"D-Cup Demons", Rhapsody Vs. Tantala; Scream & Wrestle Match. 'wrestling Fever', Nicky Vs. Thrasher �nd Judy The Bod. Feel The Heat!
VHS 907 Triumph Studios 30 M - Vf-106: Winners & Losers: The Endings Of Many Matchers
VHS 1002 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 65:Grand Slam; Busty Shelly Vs. Sexy Paige In Stormy Conquest, Clad In 1-Piece G-String. Justin Vs. Tantala In Agonizing, Brutal Match.
VHS 1003 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 72:Candy Kissses Vs. Biker Babe In "Kiss Of Doom"- -World-Class Bodies, Great Wrestling. "Battling Bitches", Paige Vs. Renee; Journey Thru Hell!
VHS 1004 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 76:Hair Pulling Bitches From 38 Different Matches. 39 Sequences From Sensational Matches, With Commentary By Tantala. A Serious Collector Delight.
VHS 1005 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 77: Bone Crushing Scissors, Luscious Ladies In 25 Sequences. All Types Of Devastating Leg Scissors. With Tantala's Commentary. A Collector's Dream.
VHS 1006 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-78: Stunning Savages & Kicked Into Submission-- Liz Vs Kissing Kitty; Then Big Nicky Takes Apart Little Tammara.
VHS 1007 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-79: Texas Tornado & Battle Royal-- Texas Tornado Vs Luscious Liz; Next In A Battle Of The Busts, It's Shelly Vs Black Beauty Jade.
VHS 1008 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 80:"Black & Brutal" Sweet Savage Vs. Anna. Brute Force Force Fight Over Bathing Suit. "Las Vegas Tough Girls" Summer Vs. Jenni The Bod, Beach Or Desert Strong Girl?
VHS 1009 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 81:Battle Of The Blondes, Treasure Vs. Rhapsody In Teased-Hair Action.��"Wrestling�Bombshells'�Joline Vs. Lacy Fight Over Promotion At Work.
VHS 1010 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 84 :"Exploding Thunder"Justine Vs. Thunder, A Quick Action Match. "Sweet Revenge" Marie Savage In Wet & Wild Fighting For Those Who Like It Hot & Spicy.
VHS 1011 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-85: Smothered & Conquered + Beauty & Brutality-- Vicious Vicky Vs Ruwdy Renee; Shelly Vs Taupe Temptress Devona.
VHS 1012 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-86: Sadistic Sirens & Ultimate Encounter--Paige Vs Casey Lynn A Super Busty Encounter. Then It's Biker Babe Vs Cat Davis.
VHS 1013 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 87: "Agressive Amazons" Tall Annette & Jade, Sleek & Fast W/Leg Holds. "Las Vegas Brawlers" Pom Pom Polly Vs. Linnette. Cheerleaders Who Move Differently.
VHS 1014 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-88: Amazon Brawl & She's No Angel--Sabrina Vs Angel. And Then Sweet Savage Vs Big Roxanne.
VHS 1015 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-89: Brawling Sisters & Las Vegas Bombshells-- Quisha Vs Honey Bee. Then Party Animal Takes On Kissing Kitty.
VHS 1165 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv- 68 "Savage Contest": Marie Savage Vs Rowdy Renee. Then Golden Cat Vs Roxanne.
VHS 1166 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY Vf 107 "The Ring Cats Of Brazil.
VHS 1167 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv 92: Dangerous Curves; Mat Mayhem......Leslie Vs Thrasher; Crystal Vs Chantel.
VHS 1168 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Cfc 2: Film Transfers Black And White Oldies.
VHS 1169 Triumph Studios 30 M - Cfc 3: Film Transfers...G.W.F. Collection.
VHS 1170 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv 91: Fiery Vixens And Battling Wildcats......... Leslie Vs Kim; Roxy Vs Chanel.
VHS 1171 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv 90: The Amazon And The Cream Puff, Deadly Enemies.......Chelsea Vs Nicole. Dianna Vs Treasure.
VHS 1335 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY Vf 109: "Domination Of Mike" Mixed Match. 105 Lbs Linda "The Lynx" Noah Takes Mike Apart. Then Is Interviewed On "Lessons In Beating Men Up".
VHS 1424 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-99 Rebels With A Cause
VHS 1425 Triumph Studios 30 M - Tvc 4: "Handicap Wrestling" Japanese Pros In Action.
VHS 1426 Triumph Studios 30 M - Tvc 5: "Kansas City Classics" Old Pros In Action Last Match Has Slight Disortion. Della Cooper Vs Leilani Kai. Debbie Combs Vs Sherrie Lynn. Next A Tag Match.
VHS 1476 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv 118: "Savage Sisters" Dawn Vs Killer Kelly "Disorderly Conduct" Chastidy Vs Leslie.
VHS 1584 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY Ft-102: Many Old Film Transfers, No Sound Track.
VHS 1585 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-10: Two Boxing Matchers. Kathy Vs Julie And Doring Vs Sue.
VHS 1586 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-13: Two Boxing Matchers. Hanna Vs Kate And Then It Is Debbie Vs Sue.
VHS 1587 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-122: "The Deadly Trap." Pepper Vs Quisha.Then Kelly Vs Sasha In" I Want To Hear You Scream !"
VHS 1588 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-124: "Face Smother Conquest" Two Roller-Derby Queens, Restless Ricki Vs Candy. Then It's Two More D- Cups...Toni Vs Tiffany In "What's The Matter, Am I Cups Toni Vs Tiffany.
VHS 1781 Triumph Studios 1 HR+ - Spm-103: " Boxing Barbarians Tournament": Several Boxing Matches, Big Girls In Little Swim Suits. Some Poor Acting, But Good Looking.
VHS 2133 Triumph Studios 30 M - Vs 100: Preview Tape.
VHS 2134 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vf 115: Winners And Losers 2" Endings Of Many Triumph Matches.
VHS 2188 Triumph Studios 30 M - Fv-105: "British Wildcats" ....3 Semi Pro Ring Matches. Angel Mcmanus Vs Rusty Blair; Gemma Best Vs Nickie Monroe; Susie Mcdonald Vs Tina Starr.
VHS 2189 Triumph Studios 30 M - Vf-114: "Festelle Comes To America"...Tag Match, Susan & Sherry Vs Brooke & Zory. Then Sherry Vs Zory.
VHS 2190 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-117: "Tough Times" ......Rhonda Vs Taryn; Next Babe Vs Rowdy Renee.
VHS 2191 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-137: "Body Blows!" ....... Bonnie Vs Ricky; Then Tracy Vs Cathy.
VHS 2192 Triumph Studios 30 M - Vs-200: 'preview Tape".
VHS 2193 Triumph Studios 30 M - Bt-300: "Collector's Treasure #1" Film Transfers......Mixed Match Featuring Sherry Whitlow Doing In A Male. Way Back In The 70's.
VHS 2265 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Cfc 1: " The G.W.F. Collection #1" Film Transfers Of Black And White Oldies, Amateur Matches In And Out Of Ring.
VHS 2351 Triumph Studios 20 M - Trv-62: "Explosive Encounter" Angel Vs Pepper In Bikini Match. Sweet Savage Vs Troy.
VHS 2352 Triumph Studios 90 M NUDITY Spm-113: "Creamy White Thighs, Black Stockings, Garter Belts, And High Heels!" Several Matches. Momentary Toplessness.
VHS 2432 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-66: "Violent And Vicious" Fallen Angel Vs Party Animal; Troy Vs Rhapsody.
VHS 2433 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vf 110: Girl Vs Girl & Mixed Match. Janet Vs Golden Cat. Then Sasha Vs Joe.
VHS 2719 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-93: "Hanging Tough" Texas Tina Vs Pepper In "Texas Tough Girl".Then Naughty Nikki Vs Misty In "Hanging Tough"
VHS 2720 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Trv-94: "Dark Victory" Treasure Vs Anna. Dawn Vs Barbie In "The Conquest"
VHS 2721 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-111: Tina Vs Veronicain "Wrestling Bad Girls". Then Babe Vs Belinda In "Lightning Strikes Twice".
VHS 2953 Triumph Studios 35 M - Nto-104: "They Brawled In Black Lace" Jordan Vs Raina. "The Redder The Better!" Red Vs Raven.
VHS 2954 Triumph Studios 35 M - Nto-105: "Call Of The Wild" Sheryl Vs Raven. "You Need To Be Stronger Than This" Nitera Vs Nickie.
VHS 2955 Triumph Studios 40 M - Nto-106: "Nailed" Deanne Vs Katrina. "The Queens Of Mean!" Sandy Vs Jordan.
VHS 2956 Triumph Studios 80 M - Spm-110: "9:30 To 5:30" Roxie Vs Renee Lamorte. Sheila Vs Tiffany. Thea Vs Kitty. Julie Vs Cindy. Kitty Vs Roxie.
VHS 2957 Triumph Studios 80 M - Spm-114: "Women, Women On The Wall, Who's The Toughest Of Them All??" Kirstie Vs Susie; Sindy Vs Red. Plus Mixed Match. Plus Blonde Vs Blonde.
VHS 2958 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-95: "Untamed Twosome" Loren Vs Barbie; Jade Vs Leslie In "The Beauties & The Boyfriend" Ends Abruptly.
VHS 2959 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-96: "Hard Bodies Battle" Page Vs Tammara. Chelsea Vs Sammy Jo.
VHS 2960 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-105:"Educating Terry" Debbie Vs Roaming Rhonda. Terry Vs Paige.
VHS 2961 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-113: "Ultimate Warriors" K O Casey Vs Restless Rickie. Chantel Vs Doreen.
VHS 2962 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-115: "The Not So Tender Trap" Knock Out Nickie Vs Vicious Valerie; Paige Vs Sammy Jo In "Roommate's Revenge"
VHS 2963 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Trv-120: "Amazon Contest" Paige Vs Chelsea. Sasha Vs Sunny.
VHS 2964 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-127: "It's Ok, I Like Pain" Golden Cat Vs Casey; "A Walk On The Wild Side" Janie Vs Tiffany.
VHS 2965 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-129: "Double Dynamite" Restless Rickie Vs Golden Katt. Rowdy Renee Vs Killer Kelly.
VHS 2966 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-130: "Beautiful & Deadly" Candy Vs Paige. "Kiss My Toes" Nancy Vs Randy.
VHS 2967 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-139: "Mayhem In Mini Skirts" Jade Vs Nancy. Leslie Vs Susie.
VHS 2968 Triumph Studios 50 M - Spm-107 "Exotica" Bonny Vs Sandy. Nicky Vs Tasha. Marcy Vs Amy. Amy Vs Nicki.
VHS 3070 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-63: "Candi And The Cat" Cat Davis Vs Kandi Kisses. "Ruthless Roommates" Quisha Vs Sabrina.
VHS 3071 Triumph Studios 35 M - Nto-103: "You've Been A Bad Girl, Haven't You?" Sandy Vs Marcy. "You Don't Talk To Your Boss That Way" Tammy Vs Katrina.
VHS 3072 Triumph Studios 90 M - Spm-106 Aka Ringside Productions Hwv-216: "Tournament Of Champions Spring Of 92": Destiny 5'8", 155 Lbs.; Ziggy, 5'4", 140 Lbs.; Julie, 5', 130 Lbs.; Danielle, 5'3", 123 Lbs.; Beatrice, 5'4", 130 Lbs.; Kasey, 5'4", 130 Lbs.; Restless Rikki, 5'4", 145 Lbs.
VHS 3181 Triumph Studios 25 M NUDITY Bt-400: "Collectors' Treasure #2" Old And Not So Old Film Transfers. Boxing And Wrestling.
VHS 3182 Triumph Studios 99 M NUDITY Ft-101: Film Transfers Featuring: Samples, Carrera, Lawrence, Bitter, Peterson, Rivers Beaumont, Hall, St. James, Rojas, Hansons, Sandau, Moore, Mcgiven, Wilder.
VHS 3183 Triumph Studios 45 M - Rgv-8: Sharlie Vs Susie; Nicki Vs Lina; Tia Vs Claudie;
VHS 3185 Triumph Studios 31 M - Trv-70: "The Power & The Fury" Thrasher Vs Goldielocks. Quiche Vs Lisa.
VHS 3186 Triumph Studios 28 M - Trv-126: "Beauty And The Best" Kristal Vs Toni. Quisha Vs Leslie.
VHS 3187 Triumph Studios 29 M NUDITY Tvc-1: "Nightclub Brawlers" Oil Wrestling Matches From Clubs In Japan.
VHS 3188 Triumph Studios 53 M - Vc-21: "French Tournament" Many College-Style Matches.
VHS 3330 Triumph Studios 45 M NUDITY Cb-102: "Three Bombastic Matches!" 'the Land Lady Was No Lady', Shane Vs Renee; 'did I Hurt You?', Jill Vs Marie; 'slap Kick Punch', Red Vs Shane. Momentary Toplessness.
VHS 3331 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Cb-103: "Three Anything Goes Brawls!" 'maid For Mauling', Raina Vs Kimberly; 'hostile Takeover', Pamela Vs Shane; 'over Insured', Red Vs Pamela.
VHS 3332 Triumph Studios 28 M - Trv-114: "Ultimate Warriors" K.O. Casey Vs Reckless Ricky; "Beautiful But Deadly" Chanel Vs Doreen; "Biting Savage" Cristal Vs Sweet Savage; "Dark And Dangerous" Black Jade Vs Blonde Tiffany.
VHS 3514 Triumph Studios 56 M - Mv-403: "Striptease Wrestling" Sylvia Vs Tantala. Sharon Vs Natalie. Sharon Vs Tiffany. Melanie Vs Tantala.
VHS 3515 Triumph Studios 59 M - Mv-405: "Menage A-Trois" Goldie Locks Vs Pow Wow. "Wrestling Fever" Darling Nicky Vs Thrasher And Judy The Bod. "Sweet Savage" Tabbhata And Kandi. Party Animal Vs Kissing Kitty.
VHS 3777 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Cb-101: "Two Erotic Matches" Pamela Vs Bridgett. Pamela Vs Kimberly.
VHS 3778 Triumph Studios 28 M - Trv-100: "A Touch Of Evil" Jude Vs Quisha. Samatha Vs Biker Babe.
VHS 3779 Triumph Studios 29 M - Trv-103: "Too Tough To Handle" Rowdy Renee Vs Babe. Kimberly Vs Loren.
VHS 3780 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-104: "Dangerous Company" Christina Vs Chantel. "Rough Rivals" Paige Vs Roxy.
VHS 3781 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-112: "The Brutal Blondes" Shelly Vs Vicious Valerie. Monica Vs Monique.
VHS 3782 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-123: "The Killer Instinct" Tiffany Vs Jessica. Killer Kelly Vs Randy.
VHS 3783 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-125: "Scream Bitch, Scream!" Jade Vs Lacey. Casey Vs Nancy.
VHS 3784 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-128: "I Never Liked You" Kristal Vs Lacey. Sasha Vs Kelly.
VHS 3785 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-131: "I'm Going To Get You" Nickie Vs Kimberley. Rowdy Renee Vs Shelly.
VHS 3786 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-133: "Lets Do It" Ashton Vs Sandy. "Kiss My Foot" Randy Vs Restless Rickie.
VHS 3787 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-140: "Power Trip" Bonnie Vs Vicious Valerie. Rickie Vs Kimberley.
VHS 3969 Triumph Studios 30 M - Trv-83: "Fiery Contest" Leslie Vs Paige. " Vikki's Revenge" Vikki Vs Linett.
VHS 4117 Triumph Studios 55 M - Mv-401: "Hair Pulling Bitches" Snippets Of Many Tapes Featuring Hair Pulling. "Bone Crushing Scissors" More Snippets Of Scissors. A Couple More Shorts Of Head Scissors.
VHS 4118 Triumph Studios 25 M - Trv-44: "Red Dress Rumpus" Kerin Vs Sylvia. "Amazon Tangle" Malinda Vs Tantala.
VHS 4119 Triumph Studios 28 M - Trv-53: "Wrestling Wildcats" Rhapsody Vs Selina. "The Tough Challenge" Tantala Vs Cheree.
VHS 4120 Triumph Studios 57 M - Vf-121: "Don't Make This Any Harder Than It Has To Be" Red Vs Storm. "Do You Think You're Going To Get Away With This?" Sierra Vs Nitera.
VHS 4245 Triumph Studios 85 M - Spm-104: "Did It Hurt?" Bonnfe Vs Sammy-Jo. "Clash Of The Titans" Mixed Match. Tigra Vs Male. "The Fire And The Flame" Dawn Vs Flame. Next Renee Boxes Roxanne. Pepper & Chelsea Vs Kimberly.
VHS 4538 Triumph Studios 28 M - Trv-138: "Black Stocking Catfight" Rowdy Renee Vs Luscious Liz. "Bosom Smother" Brandi Vs Nickie.
VHS 4818 Triumph Studios 30 M NUDITY Vs-400: Film Transfers. "Vintage Vixens �Video Catalog" Short Clips From Many Old Films & Videos Including Pro Action.
VHS 5047 Triumph Studios 86 M - Spm-105: "No Punches Pulled, No Mercy Given! Mixed Match Susie Vs Jay Facesittinging. Quisha Vs Barbara Boxing. La Tigra Vs Sheila. Brittany Vs Vicious Valerie. Inga Vs Kirstie. K.O. Kasey Vs Nancy Boxing.
VHS 6154 Triumph Studios 28 M - Trv-109: "Dangerous Women" Liz Vs Jade. "No Surrender" Stephanie Vs Tara.
VHS 6155 Triumph Studios 26 M - Trv-110: Two Mismatched Matches. "Debbie Does Leslie" Debbie Vs Leslie. "The Amazon & The Petite Princess" Viking Sunny Vs Tiffany.
VHS 6512 Triumph Studios 57 M - Trv-98: "Amazon Mayhem" Rowdy Renee Vs Thrasher. Lestie Vs Lacey. Jade Vs Quisha. Samantha Vs Biker Babe.
VHS 6513 Triumph Studios 56 M - V-nto-101: "1950'S Flashback" Sandy Vs Jordan. "Go For It !!" Sasha VS Melody. "Winners & Losers" Several Match Endings.
VHS 6514 Triumph Studios 1 HR - Vf-120: "Winning Is The Best Revenge" Stevie Vs Sierra. "What's Wrong Can't You Take It?" Nitera Vs Red.
VHS 6607 Triumph Studios 29 M - Trv-67: "Wild Wild Women" Judy The Bod Vs Pom Pom Poly. "Black & White & Wild All Over" Jade Vs Belinda. Ends In Mid Fight.
VHS 6608 Triumph Studios 1 HR NUDITY V-spm-112: "The Dominant Force" Shiela Vs Sister Renee Lamorte. Candy Vs Restless Rickie. Brittany Vs Steffany. Shelly Vs Rowdy Renee.
VHS 3788 Twister Flix 18 M - Lsc-2 "Latin Sisters Catfight": Rosa-Lyn Vs Lisa Monterroso . Then Some Arm Wrestling.